Protecting your email address from domain spoofing with Kerio MailServer

Protect your email address from domain spoofing with Caller-ID and Sender Policy Framework

You may have noticed an increase in a particular type of email spam, where the spammer uses your email address as the sender in an attempt to lower the spam rating of the message. In order to combat this type of spam, Kerio MailServer available at ZZ Servers includes two special Anti-Spam technologies that use Domain Name services to validate the IP address of a sending mail server.

Understanding PCI Levels and Types

Any merchant who accepts credit cards and has a merchant account must validate compliance. It does not matter if you use a 3rd party processor or if you outsource all of your credit card processing. It’s the ownership of the merchant account that defines if you must validate compliance. The only to avoid PCI compliance is by not having a merchant account. Below are some charts which will help you decide which category and merchant type your business fits into. (more…) Credit Card Data Stolen

Yet another data breach involving theft of credit card data has been announced. On March 13th, received notice from a customer about potential unauthorized activity on their credit card. They later discovered the network had been breached from around February 25, 2009 to April 9, 2009. The breach involved theft of names, addresses, and credit card information.

This breech at shows that a merchant does not need to be large like Heartland to be targeted by hackers.

For more information regarding this breech, visit the security and fraud prevention page.

Credit Card Data Stolen and Distributed in a Dilebarate Attack

In an ongoing saga, one of the most popular web hosting message boards has been dealt another serious blow to it’s security.  Late last month, Webhostingtalk was hacked in a deliberate, sophisticated and calculated manner. The attacker was able to circumvent their security measures and access via a backdoor protected by a firewall to deleted all backups and main databases.


PCI Compliance and Receiving Credit Card Payments by Fax

The low cost of web and email based fax delivery services may seem like a good way to save your business money but not if you receive credit card payments by fax. This would fall under the Payment Card Industry standard section 4 that requires transmission of cardholder data across open-public networks to be encrypted and section 12 for contracts that require partners or service providers who handle card data for your company be PCI compliant and accept all PCI security requirements. You will not find an affordable PCI compliant solution without using your own dedicated fax machine.