Server cabinet door alarm

The first step in securing servers is to ensure that they are physically as secure as possible and and then monitored for unauthorized access  Many times when setting up servers in a small office or co-location facility many people have their systems in a locking cabinet within a moderately secured physical building.  However a determined attacker can usually bypass many physical controls so adding as many layers and monitoring helps can help both to thwart an attacker or be used to monitor for authorized equipment access through change management filtering on your monitoring and alerting system.


Managing Partner speaking to College of Charleston Computer Science / ACM

David Zendzian, Managing Partner with ZZ Servers, will be speaking with Computer Science students from the College of Charleston today January 17, 2012 on general security best practices, OWASP and what future employers will expect their IT & Programming staff have knowledge of.

David will be speaking at the weekly ACM meeting on the College of Charleston campus in the CS Department in the J.C. Long building room 220 at 12:15pm.

OSSEC Daily Reports

As with any user of OSSEC, analyzing and working with the data is the key to successfully managing your environment.  From a prior post you can see we are monitoring events as they occur which is good for catching serious issues as they occur; however, it is not usually the best way to document what was identified and track what is being done to correct it.


Vyatta border gateway passthrough filtering

It is generally a best practice to include multiple layers of security for any infrastructure.  Even if you are just routing packets, your routers are your outside perimeter and should include tools to restrict traffic not only to the device itself but also to the traffic that passes through.


ZZ Servers Expands to Equinix Ashburn

ZZ Servers a premier compliance based hosting provider has completed the migration of their old datacenter facility in Beltsville Maryland to Equinix Ashburn, a world class facility in Ashburn Virginia. This migration brings substantial upgrades to existing infrastructure with fully redundant n+1 UPS, generator and air conditioning. Additionally, network capabilities have been increased to multiple redundant GigE connections to upstream network providers.