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Create an SSL certificate with strong, 2048 bit encryption

When creating either a self signed certificate or a certificate request, Kerio MailServer uses 1024 bit encryption. You may however prefer stronger encryption, especially if you are using a signing authority such as GoDaddy, which requires 2048 bit encryption. In this case, you may use the free OpenSSL utility that is available with most Unix… Read more »

Kerio MailServer and Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Apple has announced that Mac OS X Snow Leopard will be available on Friday, August 28, 2009. Kerio MailServer versions 6.7.1 and older do not fully support the desktop clients in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Therefore, Kerio advises that all Kerio MailServer customers do not upgrade to Mac OS X Snow Leopard at this… Read more »

Tips & Tricks: Optimize performance of Kerio MailServer

Kerio MailServer includes log viewing directly within the administration console. This is a quick and easy way to troubleshoot problems, identify attempts to breach security, or monitor daily activity. Although these files contain only textual information, over time they can become quite large, and without any maintenance, they can degrade the performance of the server… Read more »